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How do I get started with the ActivConnect G-Series on an ActivPanel

The ActivConnect G-Series module incorporates an Android interface with instant white boarding, web browsing, a selection of apps and ActivCast which allows you to wirelessly mirror mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops onto the ActivPanel.

The Android is completely customisable and is simple and easy to set up and use.

Download the Quick Start Guide to assist you in getting started or you can download the full ActivConnect G-Series User Guide for all the information.

There are also a number of helpful guides available via Promethean Support…

Helpful videos are also available here –

How do I provide greater IT integration on my ActivConnect G-Series

Your ActivPanel comes with a powerful Android™ 5.1 (Lollipop) computing device called an ActivConnect. Whilst the ActivPanel can be considered by a user as a complete seamless device it is essential to understand, from an IT perspective that the panel and the ActivConnect G series are separate components. There are many benefits from an administration, maintenance and upgrade flexibility point of view from this modular approach.

For greater understanding download the IT Administrators Integration Guide for the ActivConnect G-Series.

The purpose of this guide is to assist IT administrators in setting up this device for optimal use within your organisation.


How do I download and install ActivInspire

The latest ActivInspire software is available for download here -
The latest ActivInspire driver is available for download here -

Please ensure you download and install the correct Driver for the computer you are using.
Instructions for installing the software and driver are also available in various articles on the same pages via the links above.
This page and website also has lots of other additional information and articles which can assist you.
Once installed you will now be able to open ActivInspire, enter your details and activation code and proceed to use the software.

How do I get started with the ActivConnect G-Series on an ActivPanel

How do I use ActivInspire

Download the Introduction to ActivInspire user guide to learn all about ActivInspire, the teaching and learning software from Promethean.

How do I find and download ActivInspire Resource Packs

ActivInspire software comes with a huge Library of resources to support teaching and learning.
Images and backgrounds enable teachers to quickly create engaging pages, and page templates help to enhance presentation and impact. Sounds, text and shapes can be instantly added to a page to support the lesson, and video or Flash-based activities can be incorporated to allow seamless access during a learning sequence.

Resource Packs are collections of additional teaching materials that educators can select to supplement the installed Library in the ActivInspire software. These packs are often produced in response to teacher requests and, best of all, they are FREE.

To search for and download these free Resource Packs – click here

Promethean Support
Promethean’s free online community enabling Activclassroom teachers around the world to access a huge knowledge base and support documentation.
Visit Promethean SUPPORT to access a large range of resources and join the conversation.

How do I install an ActivIspire Resource Pack(.as4a File)

Applicable to:

ActivInspire version 1.1 or above ActivInspire Resource Pack(s) .as4a files


If you have downloaded an ActivInspire resource pack (with the file extension .as4a), to import the resources so they can be used with ActivInspire, you must:

  • Launch ActivInspire
  • Click on ‘File’ -> ‘Import’
  • Select either ‘Resource Pack to My Resources…’ or ‘Resource pack to Shared Resources…’ depending on your preference
  • Browse to the location of your resource pack (.as4a file), and select it.
  • Click ‘Open’ – the contents of the resource pack will then be imported into your selected resource library

How do I fix text box clipping on ActivInspire flipcharts and Windows 10

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and now find that the text within your Flip Chart Text Boxes (which were fine on your previous OS) are now not displaying correctly, please download this Easy 10 Step Fix to resolve this issue.


Where can I find tutorial videos about ActivPanel and Promethean products

Promethean are passionate about education.

Promethean ANZ have a dedicated You Tube Channel where you will find lots of tutorial and training videos, How To's and Webinars to assist you.

How do I enable touch within the Chrome browser

In some cases the touch may not be active when using the Chrome Browser – however you can force “Touch” to be always on in Chrome.

  • Open Chrome
  • In the address bar type: chrome://flags/
  • In the page that opens look for “Enable Touch Events”
  • Set this to be “Enabled”
  • Close Chrome and restart.

What if my question isn't on this page

If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please try the following:

  • For Promethean related product or software questions, please go to the Promethean Support Help Library where you can search articles, documents and video for all hardware and software support.
  • For ViewSonic related questions, please go to the ViewSonic Help and Support where you will find the Knowledge Base, Downloads and Drivers, FAQ's and Video Tutorials.

Alternatively, you can submit a support enquiry using the Support Enquiry Form.

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