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Manurewa West Primary School

In 2017 Manurewa West Primary School replaced their existing interactive white boards with the latest Interactive ActivPanels.

Most units were supplied on height adjustable trolleys with a further two units wall mounted.

Following the project install, Principal David Wallis had the following to say about the implementation of the new ActivPanels.....

“Manurewa West Primary School has enjoyed a growing partnership with ActiveVision" says David Wallis, Principal of Manurewa West Primary School in Auckland.

"As we looked to progress our technology on from the interactive whiteboard platform, our staff soon recognised the more superior, informative and engaging benefits that the ActivPanel resource could provide to teachers and their classes.

Not only has it proved to be a very flexible and engaging resource, but it is very visual, interactive and supportive of a ‘huge’ range of applications that teachers and students alike can gain from their hands-on experiences.

The inclusive software applications really provide an array of interesting teaching applications and learning outcomes. Our students love the opportunities to engage themselves in a myriad of inquiry learning.

ActiveVision have shown us an active interest in how they can look to support the on-going Professional Development needs of our school. We really value this important dimension in building a relationship with schools and in supporting teachers to be confident and comfortable in using the ActivPanel resource.”

David Wallis

Manurewa West Primary School

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