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Digital signage and audio visual solutions for learning environments

Connect, collaborate and inspire with the latest audio visual technology and software. Learning spaces are changing, and technology has evolved to meet the needs of modern classrooms and learning environments. From learning tools like interactive displays to designing connected lecture and training rooms, ActiveVision is here to help transform how you engage and collaborate with students.

We work with you to design the right AV solution. More than just a retailer, we’ve got installation experts on hand, and our friendly team can provide ongoing tech support and access to software updates.

Collaborative Learning Tools

Unlock your potential with interactive digital whiteboards and other digital learning tools designed with schools, universities and educational spaces in mind. Work with us to create a modern learning environment that’s switched-on, interactive, and a pedagogy of collaboration and engagement.
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Campus Communication

Digital displays and signage make sharing news, events and important announcements on campus simple. Ditch paper posters and memos and move to a seamless digital platform that enables you to easily manage all of your messages and displays from a single location.
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Digital Tools for Interactive Learning

Transform how you engage students in the classroom. Tools like digital whiteboards and panels provide an immersive learning experience promoting active classroom participation. Create interactive lessons and collaborative exercises – the possibilities are endless.
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Lecture and Training Rooms

Deliver memorable presentations with the help of state-of-the-art audio visual solutions designed specifically for education. From advanced projectors and screens to high-quality sound systems and interactive panels, we’ll work with you to design and implement a bespoke solution that empowers your learning facilitators and your students to do more and learn more.
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