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Capture Crystal Clear Videos

ActiveVision understands the importance of choosing the best camera for your meeting room's video requirements. Our range of high-quality meeting room cameras, including PTZ and ePTZ cameras, capture clear video and ensure that everyone can see everything clearly.
Our PTZ cameras offer remote pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities for dynamic and engaging meetings, as well as flexible video layouts for a more collaborative environment. Our ePTZ cameras digitally adjust the field of view, making them ideal for situations where physical movement is not desirable. They can also be used in conjunction with other technologies to provide a seamless audio-visual experience.

PTZ Cameras

Remote Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

With PTZ Cameras, there is more flexibility with remote pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. With the flexibility to control the camera's movement remotely, you can ensure that every participant is visible and engaged. Effortlessly adjust the camera angle to focus on speakers or showcase visual content, enhancing the overall meeting experience.

Dynamic and Engaging Meetings

Create dynamic and engaging meetings with PTZ Cameras. The ability to move the camera dynamically enhances presentations, discussions, and collaborative sessions. Ensure that your meetings are visually captivating, fostering better communication and collaboration among participants.

Flexible Video Layouts

Collaborating is easy with flexible video layouts provided by PTZ Cameras. Customise the video display to accommodate various meeting scenarios, whether it's a presentation, group discussion, or interactive session. Adapt the layout to suit the dynamics of your meeting room and improve overall communication.

ePTZ Cameras

Digital Field of View Adjustment

ePTZ Cameras are precise as they digitally adjust the field of view. Ideal for situations where physical movement is not desirable, ePTZ Cameras provide a way to change the camera's focus without any mechanical adjustments. Achieve optimal framing and composition digitally, ensuring clarity in every shot.

Integration with Other Technologies

ePTZ Cameras integrate with other technologies. These cameras can work in conjunction with audio systems, presentation tools, and collaborative platforms to provide a comprehensive audio-visual experience. Ensure that your meetings are not only visually clear but also seamlessly integrated for a more productive environment.

Versatility for Various Settings

Whether it's a small huddle room, a large boardroom, or a flexible multi-purpose space, ePTZ Cameras adapt to the unique requirements of different meeting environments. Enjoy the flexibility to use these cameras in any scenario with optimal video solutions.

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