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Connect, collaborate, and inspire with advanced audiovisual technology and software. ActivInspire, designed by Promethean, is a popular choice among educators worldwide for its extensive range of tools, enabling the creation and delivery of dynamic lessons. Utilise ActivInspire's diverse set of tools, images, and activities to bring lessons to life on interactive displays.

Features of ActivInspire

  • Multimedia Integration:
    Insert multimedia elements into flipcharts, including images, animations, websites, and videos, tailored to meet specific educational objectives.
  • Engagement Tools:
    Direct students' focus with precision using the Spotlight tool, improving interaction and comprehension.
  • Annotation Capabilities:
    Interact with resources, documents, websites, and more using Annotation tools.
  • Resource Pack Access:
    Explore a shared free resource pack, offering imaginative ways to enhance lessons and cater to diverse learning styles.
  • Easy Sharing:
    Save flipcharts and other resources as PDFs for convenient student sharing.
  • Math Engagement:
    Enhance math lessons with interactive tools like the ruler, protractor, compass, and calculator, fostering hands-on learning experiences tailored to specific curriculum goals.

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With interactive displays and connected lecture rooms, ActiveVision empowers educators to create immersive and interactive learning environments that foster student engagement and collaboration.

ActiveVision provides access to software updates and ongoing training, ensuring that your AV system remains up-to-date. Our team of installation experts ensures that your tools and systems are set up correctly, ensuring maximum utility and performance of your tools.

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