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We believe that when introducing ActivPanels, teachers/users require consistent Professional Development over time.

ActiveVision offers a range of practical, interactive, training and professional learning options delivered by a network of accredited trainers, who are also teachers, either onsite at your school, online, or at our offices.

Our ActivInspire training combines technology with pedagogy to ensure that teachers are equipped with both the resources and technical ability.

Our professional learning is fun and helps participants explore a range of ways Promethean interactive technology can be integrated across the NZ curriculum helping to enhance student achievement.

By learning the basic skills and having the opportunity to revisit and practice them, teachers develop confidence to create dynamic lessons as well as planning for students to use the technology.

Complete the form on the right to enquire about our Training sessions and we will be in touch to discuss the options that best suit your requirements.

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If you would like to arrange training, please fill out the form below.

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