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Access cutting-edge technology and software to keep you and your team moving. Seamlessly collaborate, communicate and engage with solutions for meeting rooms, digital signage, audio visual automation and agile workspaces.

The business world moves fast. Move with it. Modern audio visual technology and software make communicating with your team and customers easy. 

From video conferencing to tools for agile workspaces, ActiveVision works closely with you to design and implement a bespoke solution for your workspace. More than just a retailer, we offer installation support, ongoing tech help and access to updates through our team of friendly experts and specialist partners

Our Solutions


    Whether you need a small huddle room for brainstorming sessions or a large boardroom for client presentations, ActiveVision has a solution that meets your needs.

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    Create eye-catching visual experiences that capture your audience's attention.

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    ActiveVision's Audio Visual Automation solutions enable businesses to control their audiovisual systems from a single interface, providing an efficient and streamlined experience.

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    ActiveVision provides solutions that enable businesses to create a flexible and collaborative environment, empowering employees to be more productive and innovative.

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    Our interactive panels, such as Promethean, offer a unique and immersive learning experience that encourages students to engage, and learn together.

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    Our audiovisual technology is designed specifically for education, offering a comprehensive range of solutions that cater to every need.

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Audio Visual Solutions

The modern workspace has changed. Now, more than ever, we rely on technology to help us collaborate, communicate and engage. We believe smart audio visual solutions can empower people to do more, together. That’s why we’re focused on bringing the latest innovations, new technology and software to our customers, and supporting them to find the right solution for their workspace whether it’s a corporate boardroom or a primary school classroom.

We’re more than just a retailer. We offer installation support, ongoing tech help and access to updates through our team of friendly experts and specialist partners.
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Douglas Pharmaceuticals is a New Zealand-based pharmaceutical company that has grown to become a significant player in the global pharmaceutical industry. Established in 1967, the company has a strong reputation for innovation, quality, and its commitment to improving healthcare through the development and distribution of a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

Douglas Pharmaceuticals operates within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Their core focus is on research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of pharmaceuticals, encompassing a diverse range of therapeutic areas, including dermatology, respiratory health, and cardiovascular care, among others.
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