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Finding a clever way to use touch

At the start of the year, Clevedon School introduced Clevertouch Stations for its Year 1 classes. They’re now in constant use and after just one term there’s been “great progress” in the students’ learning, according to Team Leader Sarah Park.

How are you using a Clevertouch Station in your class?

These devices may be new but we already use them all day, every day! Plus, we’ve made great use of Promethean Planet and regularly download interactive number knowledge, number strategy, phonics, and high-frequency word flipcharts.

We use our Clevertouch Stations for whole class and group teacher modelling. They’re particularly great for shared writing, as students can come up to the board and co-construct a piece of writing together. We also use it for giving each other feedback. Students can view others’ writing and use the highlighter to find evidence of their success criteria. We have created lots of sorting flipcharts to teach phonics, where students need to sort pictures into the correct containers based on their sounds.

Is having a touchscreen like this changing the way you teach?

It’s very user-friendly. Students can easily manipulate pictures or write with their finger. The touch capability enables us as teachers to create fun and exciting flipcharts that engage our learners.

How are the students responding to this technology?

They love using the Clevertouch Station. They’re confident using either their finger or the pen and enjoy taking part in interactive activities. They’re more engaged during teacher modelling time and are eager to have their turn on the board. We also use it for independent activities to consolidate their learning in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way.

What’s been the impact on their learning?

Over the past term, we’ve seen great progress in reading, writing and maths. Our students are keen to use the sound recorder to talk about their learning and co-construct success criteria on the board. Having the Clevertouch Station as a tool to record this has had a great impact on our students’ learning. They’re eager to play back their recordings and share their learning with others. The panel has enabled us to create fun flipcharts for learning letters, sounds and high frequency words, and it’s evident that our students have made excellent progress in Literacy throughout the term.

What’s been the most successful activity with this device?

At Clevedon School we’ve been developing assessment capable learners. We encourage our students to talk about where they’re at in their learning, where to next and what they have to do to get there. We use our Clevertouch Station to collect student voice in order for us to gauge whether or not they have clarity around their learning. They use the sound recorder to talk about their learning and we attach this sound recording to a photo of the student, so that they can play it back. This is a fantastic tool that we can use to inform our teaching.

What plans do you have for this term?

Some of our students will be moving into learning word families and we’ve already created exciting interactive flipcharts to teach this. As they’ll be much more confident in using the board now, we’ll be providing more opportunities to work independently or in groups. We have a science focus this term, so we’ll be looking at embedding videos into ActivInspire. We will use the video recorder to take snapshots at different stages during the experiments and reorder them so that we can write procedures about them. 

In Literacy, we’re looking at re-telling. We hope to use the amazing resource library in ActivInspire, so that students can create their own stories using characters, backgrounds and the sound recorder to retell a story their have read or written.



This is a 46-inch LED back-lit touchscreen with 4mm safety glass that provide full HD images. It comes in a cabinet that’s fully mobile and incorporates folding shelves and storage – mounted behind is a large dry wipe magnetic whiteboard and pen tray. There’s an in-built sound system, portable wireless keyboard with integrated mouse, and it’s supplied with CleverLynx and Wordwall educational software.

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