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ActiveVision is committed to being a socially responsible and sustainable organisation that positively contributes to the environmental, economic and social aspects of New Zealand.

The increasing volume of garbage in our landfills is a worldwide problem. We have an expectation that all our suppliers are committed to being responsible corporate and community citizens that respect the environment and encourages green living.

ActiveVision Interactive and Passive Displays all come with a 5-year commercial warranty.  This means by investing a little more you are reducing landfill/waste by 2-3 times.

Our solutions meet all energy star ratings. Energy star certification ensures that our products save on energy costs while reducing greenhouse gases.

Saving time and money with less travel, boosting collaboration and cutting emissions these are just a few of the reasons behind the growing popularity of videoconferencing and the use of our displays.

ActiveVision prides itself on supporting our customers directly and provide comprehensive installation and technical support services for all our customers and have a highly skilled team of local in-house technicians.

To talk to the team at ActiveVision about our Displays -  please get in touch today!

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